Economy of art, science and technology

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The truth is that we are unaccustomed to seeing all these concepts together, but this conjunction has interesting ideas that may also have a clear business content.

The creation and transmission of knowledge inevitably leads, deserves to prioritize any action that fosters innovative, quality content if we have a future. And also here we refer to different meanings for the future.

Economic future of course, because there are a number of economic opportunities that can develop creative industries, not just talking about film or television, although they can be a good example. We can also talk about new trends in music or art or digitizing cultural content.

But we believe there is something more important and that is the future of values. Culture is an essential reference in the economy as this assign values ​​to things that just are based on cultural concepts that make something valuable whether or not a particular social group.

The transmission of values ​​that have come of American cinema and imposed a series of dominant values, at least for a few years, has brought clear economic consequences beyond the mere fact of the ticket. Fashion, music and even certain types of foods have been finding place in our culture through movies and television series overseas. This is not necessarily bad, bad thing is that the contribution from our side was significantly lower.

We must also focus on such projects as managing itself as the transmission of knowledge has to be free but not necessarily free. For this there are tools to manage and grade the assignment of the Intellectual Property rights.

We know that there is a whole debate on the protection of these rights or not and the truth is that all views have enriched the debate, but it is also true that when it comes to these rights is often thought of established artists but it is thought some researchers or scholars who spend a lot of effort to get a minimum income that barely allow them to survive.

Should join the debate in terms of these artists taking their first steps in art or research as much as they make things easy, the effort will have to develop is always huge.

It is difficult to adjust to the above known models, and therefore it is essential to create spaces in which developers can contribute their ideas with the minimum possible impediments. This is quite difficult to implement but must rely on the creators, in their good will and imagination to deliver innovative solutions but valid. It is for institutions to facilitate the flow of ideas and entrepreneurs to provide them with economic content to allow profit out socially and economically.

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