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“The territory has lost relevance in defining the sovereignty of nations”

2112 The Netstates – States become Netstates-, is the first complete issue of a serie of short stories which, despite its fictional nature, try to explore new possibilities for social development using new participation mechanisms that enable social networks.

It is a kind of subgenre of the historical novel, that could be characterized as “anticipatory history”, as the narrator is situated at a time subsequent to the development of the plot, which, in turn, is situated in a reality – that of the year 2112-, in which territorial States are definitely gone and social networks have assumed the political power allowing a degree of citizen participation never seen before.

However, this new system has to deal with new and unusual problems, and the characters of the story, from Global Freedom, the national network of which they form part are triying to cope with the challenges that this new reality presents.

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